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The rollator is a mobility aid that greatly enhances the user’s autonomy. The rollator allows people of reduced strength and balance a social life – as well as exercise, improving blood circulation and general health. The rollator gives support and relief during a walk – as well as serving as a seat when the user needs a rest.

Today, our product range encompasses more than 30 different rollator models: indoor, outdoor, trolleys, RA walking tables – as well as a wide range of accessories that meet all user demands.

HumanCare Walkers - RollatorsHuman Care applies a quality system that fulfils the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2008.

Firstly, our products are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the relevant ISO, UL, IEC and EN standards. Secondly, every single product specific is given extensive attention at every stage of the design process. Thirdly, in developing our products, our design team collaborates with leading physical therapists, creating global state-of-the-art products which all share the same ultimate goal: The benefit and enjoyment of their users.

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Walkers - Human Care Rollators - NexusNexus rollator :: NeXus 1, 2 and 3

Two-position seating
Large mesh basket
Stands independently when folded

The best selling neXus series of walking aids are innovative rollators with high quality. The neXus rollators feature an “X” frame design that folds from side to side which makes it quick and easy to fold. It also allows the rollator to stand independently when folded and ensures that it requires minimal space.

The neXus rollators has a padded back strap that can flip to allow for two-position seating, a large mesh basket and a double bearing front fork assembly for smooth rolling making it very user friendly.

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